Call Krantz

"Call Krantz & Associates immediatley for fantastic results. Service cannot be beat. Friendly, personal and professional!"

- G. & C. Marx, Jr.

Completely Painless

"After having been through one house sale this summer, this one seemed completely painless to me! And I have Melissa Krantz and Susan Ebling to thank for that. I do appreciate all your superb help. Best of luck to you always."

- M. Maupin

What an Odyssey!

"We want to thank Melissa so much for her patience with us until we made our final decision. At our stage in life it is not easy to recover if we make a mistake. We appreciate her diligence and professionalism. Kudos!"

- H. & C. Wheeler

Best Customer Service

"The best customer service we ever experienced. We never felt rushed or pressured. We felt like we were spending time with friends right from the start."

- D. & G. Halzel

In Good Hands

"The main benefit we received was just feeling like we were in ‘good hands’ and we had made the right decision in selecting Krantz & Associates as our real estate company. As we learned about their sales successes, it confirmed our selection even more."

- B. Anderson

Outstanding Agent

"Jill Krantz was very professional and knowledgeable of the Lake area. She was always available to meet our schedule."

- B. & E. Schumacher

If You Want to Buy or Sell

"If you want to buy a house or to sell a house, call Krantz & Associates."

- J. Hutchinson

Pulling Some Strings

"We would like to thank Jeff & Melissa personally for ‘pulling some strings’ in rushing an appraisal when it needed to be done."

- E. & V. McEndollar

Incredible Agent

"Susan Ebling and her team were unbelievable and went beyond the call of duty. Everything was done very timely and with good follow-up."

- D. Quante

Never Pressured

"We located Krantz & Associates over the Internet. We were never pressured to list our property. Our condo sold quickly & everyone I spoke with was helpful."

- J. Danner

Quick Sale of Property

"We were referred from another RE/MAX agent. Quick sale of property - they helped us research our asking price and negotiate the contract. They were very prompt to respond . It seems everyone we dealt with was very professional."

- R. Conaway

Willing to Answer Any Questions

"We knew what was happening every step of the way. Everyone in the office was willing to answer any questions or find answers anytime. We had someone knowledgeable by our side in the process of selling our house."

- M. & M. Kantola

Professional People

"Good, experienced team. Very warm and professional people. The team works hard for their clients."

- B. & C. Lott

Highly Motivated

"A highly skilled, professional team of well-trained people who are highly motivated to satisfy the needs of their clients."

- B. & J. Stromberg

Only Real Estate Agency

"The entire staff was very friendly, knew us, was always willing to help, and they are the only real estate agency we would work with at the lake."

- G. & N. Williams

Exceeded My Expectations

"Greatly exceeded my expectations. Sam said he thought he could sell our house in 60 days and I was somewhat skeptical because of the location, but it did sell in about 60 days."

- T. Coppinger

Very Proactive

"We worked with Gary. He was very proactive in searching for our property. We had a quick and easy settlement."

- J. Brown

Excellent Marketing & Advertising

"We found you because of your excellent marketing & advertising. It was a wonderful experience working with Melissa & Jill. I think you have worked very hard to get the whole process of selling down. Everyone knows their part & knows it extremely well."

- F. Williams & C. Kyger


"Thank you so much Melissa, for all your help and patience with the sale of my condo!"

- C. Brinkmeyer